Sebastian Brushwood - Electric Heaven

Producer: Khoa Tran

Remixer: Amitacek and Harmonic Wave

Genre:  Uplifting Trance

Catalog:  SDR021

Release Date:  14th February, 2016


Khoa Tran has been one of the Vietnam's rising stars in the trance scene over the past few years, and having remixed for Sundance Recordings in the past. He now brings us his next original release titled, 'Peaceful Planet'.


Already regular support from most of the A list DJs and a rapidly growing fanbase of trance fans, Khoa Tran's signature style and prolific output have ensured that he's definitely an artist to be watching over the coming year!


The original mix is a truly fascinating piece with the main part captivates us with a sublime melody, a crisp lead, warm and lavish sounds that compose a new euphoric jewel. The breakdown introduces us the magic of trance with a beautiful piano melody and brilliant arpeggiators. 


First on the remix from Russian, Harmonic Wave. He delivers again an excellent uplifting version of the track! The breakdown is a beautiful passage with some atmospheric pad layers. After break, the track is rising with amazing lead new melody.


Next remix, Amitacek from Argentina. He brings us more energetic uplifting, emotional affair, soaring synths and melodies combining to delightful effect that builds throughout and delivers a powerful punch.



Peaceful Planet (Original Mix) -
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Peaceful Planet (Amitacek Remix) -
00:00 / 00:00
Peaceful Planet (Amitacek Remix) -
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Peaceful Planet (Harmonic Wave Remix) -
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